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5 Ways to Make Your Rental Home Safer

stucco homesYour home should be your haven from the chaos in the world around you. Unfortunately, dangers lurking inside the home can make your safe place into an accident waiting to happen. For renters, finding ways to make their homes safer can be a real challenge due to restrictions placed on them by landlords that don’t want any permanent alterations made to the building. Whether you’re a renter looking to beef up safety in your home or a landlord hoping to provide a better living environment for your tenants, check out these 5 ways to make your rental home safer. You’ll be glad you did.

1.) Make sure there’s plenty of lighting. Lighting, particularly in the evening hours can help prevent falls and trips. Pay particular attention to stairways, outdoor areas and foyers as these are generally places that lamps can’t be used to supplement the overhead lighting. Outdoor lighting can also deter intruders, who rely on darkness to remain hidden. Renters can use stick-on battery-operated lights if needed and landlords can install permanent lighting fixtures on timers, sensors or switches.

2.) Take care of electrical problems immediately. Whether it’s an appliance that malfunctions or a smoke detector that’s beeping to indicate a low battery, always make sure electrical problems are addressed quickly. For tenants, that means reporting an issue as soon as you notice it. For landlords, that means fixing it as soon as it is brought to your attention.

3.) Install an alarm system on the premises. There are many different alarm systems available for homes, and many are very affordable. Landlords can add value to their properties with an ADT Miami home alarm that is monitored day and night. The cost of the monthly monitoring can be added to the rent, and the value of the system will make the rental home more attractive to prospective tenants.

4.) Make sure all locks and bolts on doors and windows are in good working order. It’s a good idea to thoroughly inspect the locks and bolts on doors and windows at least once a year to make sure they work well. Renters can perform the inspection themselves, or landlords can do it between tenants. Making sure the windows and doors are locked before leaving the house is a simple way to prevent a robbery.

5.) Don’t post to social media when you’ll be at work, at school or away from the home. If there are kids in the family, teach them to avoid telling people about any schedules or routines. People looking to rob homes or take advantage of children often discover when the house will be at its emptiest by monitoring social media accounts or by driving by the house frequently and checking for cars in the driveway. If you see something suspicious, report it. Installing an alarm from Miami ADT Home Security and teaching everyone in the family – including children – how to operate it can be useful for quickly alerting authorities and getting the attention of neighbors if anything happens. If leaving for an extended period of time, alert the landlord so they can keep an eye on the property while you are gone.

These simple steps will help make your rental home safer. Whether you’re the tenant or the landlord, the goal is always safety and comfort, so don’t be afraid to work together to find a solution that meets both of your needs.

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