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Most Common Entry-Points In Home Invasions And How To Secure Them

Most Common Entry-Points In Home Invasions And How To Secure ThemAre you curious about how burglars gain access to our homes? Good for you. Many Americans still have a false sense of security, and unfortunately, only react once it’s too late. That’s why being proactive and educating yourself about the main entry points during a home invasion is the first step to securing a safe living space for you and your family. Listed in this article are four key points of entry that criminals often use to break in and enter American homes.

4 Key Points of Entry

1.    The Front Door

Believe it or not, the front door is the most common entry-point in a home invasion. Is your house old? Do you have a flimsy old door? Are the hinges exposed on the outside and easily removable?  If so, you’re even more vulnerable to burglars simply breaking in and forcefully entering right through your front door with a strong push or a kick. Our advice to you is to seriously consider replacing your old door with a brand new sturdy door and deadbolt lock.

2.    Secondary Doors

Backdoors, garage doors, basement doors, glass patio doors and sliding doors. Each and every one of the secondary doors in your home also poses a potential threat to your safety and security. The backdoor, in particular, is a great choice for a would-be burglar to discreetly kick open without drawing any unwanted attention from neighbors or other onlookers. A garage door which is attached or leads to an entry point of your home is also another option for intruders because many of us often forget to keep the garage door shut and locked. Even the basement door isn’t too small for a determined thief to slither through.

3.    Windows

Do you live in an apartment or condo that’s on ground level? Or perhaps you have windows on the first floor of your home? Unfortunately, first floor windows are on par with your back door in terms of being particularly susceptible to break-ins as they’re also a quick and easy point of entry for robbers. All they need to do is gash the screen, force open the window and wriggle inside. Or simply shatter the glass. You’d be surprised just how fast they can make this happen. Don’t just rely on manufacturer’s locks to protect you. Go above and beyond for your family’s security.

4.    Other Unlocked Entrances

The unfortunate reality is that a vast majority of home invasions in the United States show no signs of forced entry. Have you ever forgotten to lock the door? Or perhaps you’ve left the key under the doormat or accidentally left it in the keyhole? Or maybe copies of your keys have gotten into the hands of the wrong kinds of people?

Whatever the case may be, you’re pretty much giving burglars an open invitation to rob your home. So make sure you double check if the door is locked before you leave the house and before you go to bed at night. And never give copies to people you don’t trust or leave it under the doormat or any other outdoor hiding place for that matter. These are usually the first places criminals will think to look. Keyless entry systems are your best bet against intruders gaining easy access to your home.

5 Ways to Secure the Top 4 Entry Points

1.    Security Signs and Stickers

Do you have a sticker on your first floor window that says your home is protected by a security company? Or perhaps you’ve got a security sign in your front and back yard that is clearly Most Common Entry-Points In Home Invasions And How To Secure Themdisplayed for everyone and anyone who ventures within close proximity of your home. Great! After all, what better way to deter a burglar from invading your home? It’s all about prevention.

2.    Wireless Door/Window Sensors

We get that all homes aren’t designed the same. That’s why we supply American home’s with extra door or window sensors. No matter if you live in a condominium with a single window or a mansion with over fifty doors or windows, we’re here to help cater to your individual needs.

3.    Glass-Break Sensors

If you’re seeking protection from a burglar attempting to shatter your glass to forcefully enter your home, look no further. We’ve got audio frequency detectors that are uniquely designed to protect your windows.

4.    Video Surveillance

Whether you’re out doing grocery shopping for the week or going away on vacation for a month, security cameras act as the perfect deterrent for anyone lurking around your property. They not only help prevent home invasions but can also help law enforcement officials to easily identify perpetrators and bring them to justice.

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