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Why Outside Lighting is Important for Home Security

home security installation in miamiWhile having an alarm system in Miami is crucial to help ensure the safety and security of the home, this is not the only measure that can be taken. As a matter of fact, there are several tips that can help improve safety and decrease the likelihood of a break-in. However, one in particular that may often be overlooked pertains to outdoor lighting. The proper outdoor lighting can actually deter burglars in their tracks and in the event that the break-in is successful may be able to assist in the detaining and identification of the responsible culprits. Taking a few minutes to evaluate and implement outdoor lighting needs can help save the homeowner time and money, while protecting the family and belongings.

Points of Entry

Even with ADT Miami security systems in place, points of entry should still be well lit. Contrary to popular belief, criminals do not just seek out any area to gain access into the home. Often times, common points of entry are utilized, such as the doors. This is because the criminal may find it easier to try and pick the locks, pry with a bar or another object or simply kick the door in. Adequate lighting in these areas makes the home a less likely target because gaining access unnoticed will be more difficult. Since the goal of the criminal is to make a quick entrance and exit without being seen, they may simply choose not to risk it.

Commonly Neglected Areas

There are some areas of the home that may often be neglected when it comes to security measures such as lighting and this can even include some of the points of entry. For example, some homeowners with a fenced in backyard may have a false sense of security. Despite fencing and having an alarm system in Miami, back doors and side doors leading to patios or additions should also be well lit. Garage doors are also among commonly neglected areas in which additional lighting should be used. While these areas may not be as simple to reach without a small level of difficulty, poor or no lighting can serve as great motivation for criminals to overcome these minor obstacles.

Outdoor Lighting Options

There are several outdoor lighting options that are available to the homeowner. This can include but is not limited to timed lights, motion lights and those that stay on around-the-clock. While personal preferences will play a role in this decision, there are a few things that the homeowner should consider. Timed lights can be a good option for those wishing to save energy, as they can be timed to come on only at night or when a door is opened. Motion lights on the other hand have sensors and when they pick up activity automatically come on. The downside to motion activated lights is that small, normal activities may cause them to come on. However, some of these lights do have sensitivity settings.

A Cost Efficient Security Measure

Outdoor lighting in addition to ADT Miami security systems can be an additional safety measure that is quite cost efficient. As a matter of fact, outdoor lighting is one of the more inexpensive options available. As with similar products, the prices of these products can vary significantly from one brand or type to the next. Other differences that may or may not affect the expense can pertain to the brightness and type of light, solar powered or LED for example. Therefore, the homeowner should consider personal needs and preferences in order to assist in guiding this purchasing decision.

Other Important Considerations

While having an alarm system in Miami can help protect your home from theft, the homeowner should still take additional safety measures. Outdoor lighting is a convenient, inexpensive and smart way of doing so. Setting up the lighting is often quick-and-easy, requiring very little mechanical knowledge at all. There are several different kinds to choose from to meet the needs and budget of the family. Not only will taking this small security measure lend peace-of-mind, but along with ADT Miami security services it can help prevent the homeowner from suffering loss as a result of burglary and assist in keeping their family safe and secure.

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