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Residential Security System from ADT in Miami Florida

Residential Security System from ADT in Miami FloridaIt seems like every day in the national news we’re informed of some new type of residential crime or natural disaster.

In Florida, the latest residential crime is in the form of ‘pillow case’ burglaries in which criminals break into a residence through an unprotected door or window and steal anything that fits into a pillow case, and then leave the residence and neighborhood quickly before anyone is the wiser.

Floridians know that Mother Nature can turn from a bright sunny day to a torrential storm and wreak havoc in minutes.

The result:  homeowners suffer loss of valuables and experience a variety of difficult emotions from violation to sadness.

The cost:  insurance rates rise and valuable property is never recovered.


You should be proud to be a homeowner, and be one that understands how important it is to be aware of the responsibilities of home ownership.  Many Miami residents wait until it’s too late to take precautionary measures, but a little knowledge on the benefits of a residential security system from ADT in Miami, Florida can save you the heartbreak of personal and financial loss.

All you have to do is follow some simple steps and your home can be protected in a variety of ways, and from a variety of unwanted circumstances.

Prevention Tactic 1:  Protection within the Home

Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT dealer in Miami, Florida has a variety of methods to ensure the safety of your home, your family and your loved ones, including special members of the family and pets.

For families who care for aging parents or special needs family members, the ADT Personal Emergency Response System offers immediate help at the push of a button.  Indoors or outdoors, this water-proof system means loved ones are never alone.  Once the button is pressed, ADT’s monitoring professionals can speak over an intercom, and in an emergency situation, help is dispatched immediately.  ADT can even contact a pre-authorized neighbor to be there until first responders arrive.

To further protect your home, family and loved ones, ADT offers something that has resoundingly saved lives, our Carbon Monoxide Detector.  Carbon Monoxide is an insidious gas because it is colorless and odorless which makes it almost undetectable.  Worse yet, it can strike when families are most vulnerable:  when the entire house hold is asleep. With the ADT Carbon Monoxide Detector, your family’s well being is well protected.
ADT in Miami also offers another way to protect your home, this protection is from flood and fire.  Imagine when you are away from home, having the capability to have your home monitored to directly alert you to the chance of water or fire damage.  Our state-of-the-art sensors can detect a change in your home’s heating or cooling system and signals an alarm at one of our Customer Monitoring Centers, which then notifies you and the appropriate responders. A major catastrophe can be averted and minimized.

Prevention Tactic 2:  Protection outside the Home

At ADT, our well-trained security professionals are at the ready to answer your call and work with you to identify the specific security needs of your home.  Our professional security team will take you through a thorough consultation and answer all your questions to be sure we deliver the best system for your home security needs.

Additionally, since we are located in Miami, we can usually be there the same day.  Once on site, our security professionals will further identify any vulnerable areas in your home such as windows, doors, skylights.  ADT’s Premise Pro Wireless Intrusion Detection System will stop crime before it happens and protect your home against intruders, burglary and robbery.

For increased protection around the perimeter of your home, ADT offers Motion Detectors that set off a system of lights that illuminate your home, deterring would-be criminals.

Prevention Tactic 3:  Protection Wherever and However

Technology is progressing at amazing speed.  And ADT is right there, leading the way in security.  As the security choice of over 6 million American residences, we understand how to ensure your home’s security in ways that are meaningful and useful to you.  Our state-of-the art equipment and systems can offer you the capability to remotely arm or disarm your system, lock or unlock doors, use your touchscreen camera to screen people at your front door as well as watch real-time video from your computer, smart phone or tablet.  Additionally, you can control the lighting and thermostat in your home to ensure you keep it energy efficient.

ADT, Always There

Our goal is your security.  This is what we do and have done for over 140 years.

We’ve worked hard to become the leading security company in the US, and as a result, we are the most respected name in security. ADT, we’ve earned the name of industry leader.  We are the choice of many major US retailers, government buildings, airports, financial institutions and Fortune 5000 companies.  With so many homes and organizations as our customers, we know we are doing security right.

We want to continue to grow.  In order to grow, we know that we must constantly earn your confidence and respect.  We are in the business of security and at ADT in Miami, we take your security seriously.  We know that our responsibility of your security can save your home, your family and the lives of you and your loved ones.

Our caring team of security professionals is there to serve your security needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  ADT is always there to monitor your security needs because we know criminals are always looking for vulnerability and natural disasters can strike at a moment’s notice.

Don’t leave the security of your home, your haven, and your loved ones to chance.  Contact Home Security Concepts, an authorized ADT dealer now and find out how easy it is to implement a security protection strategy for your home.

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