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4 Home Security Tips When You Work a Graveyard Shift

adt miami alarm systemsMany jobs in Miami require you to work the graveyard shift. This means you are away from your home when most people are sleeping. You need to pay extra attention to security in this case. Here are four home security tips for when you work the graveyard shift.

Get Outdoor Lighting

Darkness is going to be one of your largest problems when protecting a home while you work the graveyard shift in Miami. A good solution is to get outdoor lighting. You want to have bright lights mounted on your home near doors, windows and other potential entryways. Landscape lighting can help as well since it will keep criminals far away. Outdoor lighting can sometimes be included as part of ADT home security in Miami. Make certain the outdoor lights are on timers or have motion activated sensors.

Use Timers for Indoor Lighting

One of the best ways to protect your home when working the graveyard shift is to make it look like someone is inside the house. This can be easily achieved in Miami with timers for indoor lighting. Get a few timers for different rooms with windows. Set the timers to turn the lights on and off at intervals that make it seem like people are around.

Install an Alarm System

A sure way to protect your Miami home during the graveyard shift is to install an alarm system. A Miami ADT alarm system will be working 24 hours a day to protect your home regardless of when you are working. You can get a system that will automatically alert police, allow you to remotely check the system and even monitor for fire or carbon monoxide. An alarm system gives you the peace of mind needed to know your home is safe while you are at work.

Keep Your Property Open and Clean

A final threat to your house is a burglar hiding on your property in the darkness. This person could slowly break into your house or even assault you when coming home. A simple tip is to keep your property open and clean. Make sure your house is clearly visible from the street. Eliminate high bushes or shrubs that could conceal a criminal. This will make everything safer during the graveyard shift hours.

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