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5 Secrets to Maximizing Your Home Security

adt-miamiIf you want to improve your home security in Miami, then you must take a hard look at every possible vulnerability around the house. This means considering things that might seem small or insignificant. Here are some secrets to maximizing your home security.

Switch to Interior Door Hinges

If you have exterior hinges on your doors, then burglars could easily knock the pins out and just pull the door out of the frame. You want to ensure that all doors leading outside have interior hinges with the pins on the inside. This will make it far more difficult to break into the house.

Get a Modern Home Security System

You want to get a modern home security system for the house. Do not rely on standalone motion detector alarms. You want a full Miami ADT home security system complete with cameras, motion and sound detectors and monitoring. The system is going to maximize security because it can detect burglars in a variety of ways and alert the authorities quickly.

Perimeter Lighting

Get bright perimeter lighting for the outside of your home. This lighting should go around your entire property so that there are no dark areas where criminals could sneak around. Motion activated lighting works best in Miami. Be certain to have a few lights mounted directly on your house. Criminals tend to stay away from homes with outdoor lighting.

Hide Wiring or Go Wireless

Some burglars in Miami attempt to cut wires to the security system before trying to break into a house. You can prevent this by hiding the wiring outside of your home running to cameras or power boxes. Put it under hard covers or just disguise it. Alternately, you could get a wireless security system that does not use cables through ADT Miami.

Landscape to Stop Criminals

A final way to maximize your home security in Miami is to landscape to stop criminals. Remove all hiding places by cutting down tall bushes and plants. Trim trees back so that they cannot be used to climb into second floor windows. Have an open and clean lawn so that criminals will always be seen approaching your house. You also want to build barriers around your property so that a burglar cannot travel between houses unseen.

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