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Five Myths About Home Security

adt-miami-alarmsIt’s hard to research home security without running into unsubstantiated statements, especially on the Internet. Naturally, it’s every homeowner’s duty to make sure that they are acting on verified facts when making security decisions. Take note of these persistent myths so that you won’t be deceived into making an unsound choice regarding your home security.

Burglars Don’t Target Certain Neighborhoods

While high-crime areas are particularly susceptible to burglaries, the thieves frequently venture into more affluent areas in hopes of finding an unprotected house full of valuables. The fact is that every neighborhood in the country could be at risk of burglaries. Distance is not a deterrent, either. Some homeowners in rural areas believe that no thief would drive all the way out there to break in, but this is not true. Burglars love the idea of the police being miles and miles away from their target.

They Only Strike at Night

Movies and TV shows usually depict burglars sneaking around in the dead of night. While some of them operate in the dark, others commit their crimes in broad daylight. These thieves prefer to enter the home after the occupants have left for work or school. If you look at things from the burglar’s point of view, it makes perfect sense. The easiest target is an empty home – something that they are unlikely to find at night.

The Average Homeowner Cannot Afford a Monitored Security System

This may have been true when alarm system technology first came onto the market, but it’s definitely not the case in this day and age. Miami ADT home security companies have been improving efficiency and cutting costs for decades, and homeowners can now get 24/7 monitoring for less than the cost of cable TV. The system components are cheaper as well thanks to rapid advances in camera and sensor technology.

Home Security Systems Are Easily Disabled by Cutting the Electricity or Phone Lines

Early alarm systems were connected to the home power supply and phone lines with no backup in place, but ADT Miami security technicians quickly learned that this was inadequate after burglars cut the lines to disable the system. Today’s security systems make use of battery backups to provide a safeguard against these tampering attempts. Companies are also implementing wireless connections wherever they can to eliminate the possibility of a criminal disconnecting the system.

You Have to Be a Computer Expert to Use an Alarm System

The security system control panel might look confusing at first, but it has been simplified to give homeowners the greatest ease of use. Most security systems these days use intuitive touch-screen controls so that anyone can get the hang of it in minutes. If you’re not confident in your technical acumen, just remember that all you’ll have to do on a daily basis is turn the alarm on and off as necessary, which is always a very simple procedure.

There are plenty of myths out there about home security that homeowners must be aware of. These myths are certainly not harmless bits of misinformation; they could lead to a homeowner neglecting a critical security step and putting the household in danger. Remember to rebuke these myths if you encounter them and build your home security strategy on the real facts instead.

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