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Three Obsolete Home Security Tactics That Are Wasting Time and Money

adt miami creative home protectionA home security tactic that worked at one point may not work as well in today’s world. Plus, there is plenty of bad advice circulating on the Internet and through word-of-mouth. If any of your security methods have become obsolete as these examples have, it’s crucial that you cease their use immediately and replace them with something better.

Door Chain Locks

In movies and television shows, door chains seem to be the home security measure of choice. This is odd because they are the most ineffective locking method! If a criminal wanted to enter the home by force, the chain would not stop them. It is too small to hold the door shut when a burglar is throwing their weight against it from the other side. Even if the chain held up, the tiny screws securing it to the doorframe would be torn out instantly. Furthermore, there are numerous guides online that show how to open this type of lock from the outside; it’s not difficult. If you want to see who is at your door without opening it all the way, a peephole is a vastly superior option.

Hiding Valuables in Well-known Spots

You may think you’re being clever by hiding your valuables in the sock drawer, the freezer, or between the mattresses, but criminals know all about those spots. In fact, burglars usually make a beeline for these locations after entering the home! The fake food cans with internal compartments are somewhat better, but burglars are well-aware that they exist. Buying a safe from a reputable manufacturer and bolting it into the wall is as close as you can get to burglar-proof storage.

Outdated or Ineffective Alarm Systems

An alarm system is the biggest deterrent to thieves, but you will only reap this benefit if the system in your home is up to date and properly maintained. Many people have outdated alarm systems that give them a false sense of security. If it’s been a few years since your alarm system was installed, consult with a certified ADT Miami specialist to see the latest models on the market.

Some home security tactics have become ineffective over the years; others were never good ideas in the first place. You can avoid these mistakes by installing a proper deadbolt on your door, securing your valuables more effectively, and having your alarm system updated by a Miami ADT home security contractor. Remember that maintaining home security requires the constant re-evaluation of your methods.

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