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4 Signs You’re Overlooking Your Home Security

home-security-miamiMany homeowners envision a home security system that monitors doors and windows that sets off an alarm, or one that alerts law enforcement when either is opened. What many homeowners forget to consider is that there are various vital aspects linked to a home security system that actually make their home more vulnerable. Even with the latest home security gadgets of today’s technology, companies are well aware of these vulnerable factors. Signs you’re overlooking your home security:

You’re not arming your alarm system

An alarm system should be armed. If not, it won’t function. You can prevent missing this crucial step by placing your system on a schedule, or by installing a remote access system.

You’re not monitoring everything you can

Home security systems are basically rigged to alert a homeowner if someone attempts to break into their home. Nonetheless, other things should be monitored as well. Make certain your home security system comes with a fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitor. If you are in a flood prone area, a moisture monitor for your basement is advised to detect flooding.

You’re allowing for points of entry

Many home security systems supervise ground-level doors and windows. However, you need to protect and monitor each point of entry into your home counting higher floor levels. Any opening large enough for a person to fit through is a possible break in point.

Low Batteries

Be sure your batteries are fresh and are replaced before they stop working. Luckily, most home alarm systems have a warning system in place that alerts you when batteries are getting low.

With a minimal amount of effort, you can considerably improve the efficiency of your home security system. If you have any further questions, contact Miami ADT Home Security to evade frequent mistakes that lead to home invasions.

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