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Five Quick Ways to Prevent a Garage Burglary

home-security-in-miamiYou probably have several expensive items in your garage, not to mention your car. Garages are a frequent target of burglars due to the presence of these items and the typical ease of entry. Use these ideas to make your garage the most secure one in the neighborhood.

Bar the Windows

Most garages have at least one window, and this means that the only thing between the burglar and the valuables in your garage is one pane of fragile glass. Block off this point of entry by installing window bars. The bars should bolt into the window frame, not just the window trim. If you’re concerned about your house looking like a prison from outside, don’t worry – many companies produce window bars in decorative patterns.

Lock Up the Tools

The powertools costing hundreds of dollars are definitely a prime target for garage burglars. Tools should be locked inside of a sturdy cabinet when you are not using them. Otherwise, they could be stolen or used by the burglars to break into your house.

Secure the Car

Some people don’t lock the car or turn on the alarm because they believe that it is safe in the garage. However, even the best security strategies have a few weak points. If a burglar broke into the garage and your car was unlocked, they would most likely rummage through it for any valuables. For this reason, you should always secure your vehicle the same as you do when you park it outside.

Update the Garage Door Opener

Prying open the garage door enough to slip in is the most obvious way of breaking into a garage. While most modern garage door openers lock the door in place when it is not moving, older or very inexpensive models may not have this feature. Make sure that your garage door cannot be lifted up with ordinary human strength.

Install Security Devices

Electronic security systems aren’t just for the house; they’re a great way to protect your garage as well! You can have an ADT Miami security technician demonstrate motion lights, doorway alarms, and CCTV cameras and see which ones are best for your garage. Get in touch with a Miami ADT home security firm if you want to guard your garage the high-tech way!

Garages will continue to be a favorite target of burglars. You can give them a hard time by putting physical barriers to entry in place, locking up items in the garage, and putting technology to work for you. Keep the valuables in your garage from being stolen by following these suggestions.

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