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Three Breeds of Dogs for Home Security

When you are considering get a dog for your home, it can also benefit your home security as well. Historically, speaking dogs were the guards of the house before we had the modern convenience of security systems. If you are currently living in the Miami area, consider consulting with ADT home security in Miami in order to see which breed of dog is recommended for home security. By learning more about a Miami ADT alarm system, you will be able to ascertain which breed would be the most suitable choice for your home’s security. Here are three breeds of dogs for home security:

1. Anything Above Your Knee. Even though small dogs are adorable, they are not the predator you ideally want to be protecting your home. Thus, it is best if the dog breed that you select is of the proper height to intimidate a prospective intruder.

2. Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are the ideal breed to protect your home. That being said, you have to be extra careful how you train them because they have the tendency to be fighter dogs and dangerous to children. Thus, if you get them as a puppy, then you can train them to be a protector, but to also not be a safety risk.

3. Doberman. Dobermans are an excellent choice for home security because they are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. It is for this reason that the United States government and police force use them to sniff for drugs on travelers. Getting a Doberman would be an excellent choice for your home’s security.

Finding the right dog breed for your home’s security should not be a complicated process. Remember that by avoiding smaller breeds, that you will be doing your home a great service. As long as you train the dog properly, they can greatly enhance your home’s security.

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