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4 Simple Ways to Channel Fear into Home Security Improvements

miami home adt alarmHome thefts are on the rise. They have become one of the greatest worries for the residents of Florida due to the prevalence of break-ins and robberies.

According to the Crime Clock 2014 Annual report published by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, one burglary occurs every 4 minutes. That’s over 100,000 burglaries a year.

Instead of focusing on why you should be fearful for your property, let’s focus on some things you can do to channel that fear into something productive. The following methods will help you increase your security while deterring would-be thieves.

1. Do Some Yard Work

Overgrown bushes, untrimmed hedges and wild trees can block your line of sight. They can even significantly diminish the effectiveness of any security improvements you may have put in place.

Channel some of that fear into determination to keeping your yard in superb shape. This can make your home a less viable target for burglars.

2. Set Up New Blinds

Blinds can limit the ability of others to look into your home. This can deter prospective thieves by hiding your valuable possessions.

Use that excess fear to purchase new blinds and redecorate your rooms while increasing your home security.

3. Invest in Motion Sensors

Motion-sensing security lights can illuminate ne’er-do-wells, which in turn makes your home less of a target. Focusing them on your yard, near entrances and in other opportune spots can greatly increase your home’s security.

4. Acquire Real-Time Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can allow you to monitor your home, which in turn allows you to see intruders before they force their way into your home.

Miami ADT home security offers video surveillance that you can view from anywhere where your smartphone has a connection. This can allow you to keep an eye on your home even while you’re away.

Don’t Fear; Take Precautions

It’s far better to prepare your home than it is to simply fear for the day a burglar enters your home. Contact ADT Miami to see how you can take a proactive stance to home security.

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