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8 Tips for Finding a Reputable Maid Service

Inexpensive Home Security Systems Ft. LauderdaleCongrats! You’ve already taken the crucial steps by installing a Miami ADT home security system. In addition to trusting ADT Miami, homeowners must always be vigilant, because the last security measure your loved ones have, is you. Even if you only hire a maid service once a week, you can never be too careful.

These tips will ensure you feel safe with only the most trustworthy maids walking through your door:

1. Find out the rate. It’s safest to go with a flat rate, rather than hourly, because workers know what to expect- you don’t want to pay for five hours when it was a two hour job.

2. Do they send out persons per square footage, or small teams? If you have a bigger home, then you want to make sure they will accommodate your needs. Be aware of what you need cleaned and how it can realistically be accomplished.

3. Do they send out employees or contractors? Contractors usually don’t have a background check, and will most likely be different each time. You also have to consider taxes paid out at the end of the year.

4. Are they insured and licensed? Accidents may not happen on the job, but it’s always best to be prepared- especially when dealing with potential falls, and priceless items.

5. Be wary of who you hire! Shop around and read reviews. If 80% of comments say don’t use their service, then 80% of people took time to tell others. Take note.

6. How are keys exchanged? If you are expected to hand over a spare key, can you securely keep it in a lock box? So workers are deterred from leaving the premises with a key. Find services using coded-keys which are safer.

7. This may go without saying, but put valuables, and prescriptions away at all times.

8. Lastly, be away from home. It may seem inconvenient, but it is a precautionary necessity for everyone to stay safe, regardless of gender. Also, cleaning crews work better if they don’t feel supervised by home owners.

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