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5 Things Thieves Know About Home Security That You Don’t

adt miami alarm systemsIt seems that some burglars seem to get smarter and smarter with each passing year. This means that you must take the necessary steps to secure your residence from intruders. Here are five things that thieves know about home security.

Residents still leave their home unlocked

Burglars are aware of the fact that some people still leave their home unlocked. In certain instances, a sneaky thief can creep inside of an unlocked home without even being noticed. While some criminals choose to walk through the backdoor, there are others who prefer to enter via an unsecured window. Within in a matter of minutes, a criminal can leave with thousands of dollars in stolen property.

Thieves know how to blend in with their surroundings

Contrary to popular belief, not all home intruders choose to put on ski masks and wear dark clothing. In an effort to remain low-key, the majority of burglars dress in normal clothing. In fact, it is not uncommon to see thieves dressed in service uniforms. This causes many homeowners to simply overlook their presence. Devious criminals know how to be very discreet.

An absence of an alarm system is a major advantage for thieves

If you do not have an alarm system, criminals will be far more likely to attack your home. While an aggressive watchdog may present a small challenge, cunning thieves can easily find ways to calm the animal. Miami ADT home security systems are designed with multiple sensors, which presents a major obstacle for burglars. Companies such as ADT Miami can also surround your home with surveillance cameras.

Most people need to leave their home

Typically, most people will leave their home unattended at some point during the day. Watchful thieves can easily learn a homeowner’s daily schedule by keeping an eye on their property. If their home is not protected by a security system, a burglar can quietly break into the residence without even alarming the neighbors.

There is more than one way to break into a home

In an effort to protect their dwelling, some homeowners choose to install a high-grade locking system. While these locks certainly offer an extra degree of security, skillful burglars may still find a way to gain entry into the home.

Be sure to protect your residence from intruders. A home invasion is a nightmare that can be prevented.

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