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Three Types of Common Home Security Errors

adt miami alarm systemsAlthough the majority of homeowners try to keep their homes as secure as possible, many people still make common security mistakes that cost them dearly over time. For example, even a Miami ADT alarm system can fail if it isn’t properly set up.

Maintaining a secure home is important for many reasons: Beyond protecting your home, family and belongings, your insurance carrier might deny a claim if you committed one of these three common security errors:

Unlocked Entry Points

It’s hard to believe, but a lot of homeowners ignore their non-secure entry points when they go somewhere. They either forget or feel so “safe” in their communities that they disregard the common sense of actually using the locks on their windows and doors. Obviously, a thief faced with a locked door or window is less likely to break in than one who has effortless access. Always check that you locked everything before going out.

Private Detail Announcements

Criminals often check neighborhoods and social media accounts for private information about their targets, including a victim’s financial situation and schedule. These tactics work because some homeowners actively announce their private information to the public. For example, they leave product packaging for expensive home items outdoors near their garbage cans for trash pick-up. Some homeowners allow a social media platform to track their current location or update their accounts with details about their vacation or travel plans. Always make certain that private details about your wealth, current location and upcoming travel remain private.

Control Panel Location

Lastly, some homeowners install their own security systems or work with companies that provide cheap installation and little else. If the control panel for your home security system is visible through any window, your insurance company will likely deny your claim. The reason is simple: The burglar might have been able to see the alarm’s model information and/or the system’s security status.

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