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4 Reasons You Need a Home Alarm System

home-security-tipsOne of the most effective ways improve your Miami home is to install a modern alarm system. These security systems can do a number of things from deterring intruders to saving you money over time. There are four reasons why you should buy an alarm system.

Protect the House While You Are Away
The main reason to get a home alarm system is to protect your house while everyone is away. The alarm system will work tirelessly to detect any signs of intruders. The system can detect doors and windows that open, breaking glass and motion depending on the components you choose. You could even have environmental sensors to detect fires, flooding or carbon monoxide. You can relax while at work, shopping or on vacation knowing an alarm system is protecting your home.

Monitor Kids or Guests
A second reason to buy an alarm system is to monitor your kids or other guests in the house. With an alarm system from ADT Miami homeowners will know when kids come home from school or leave the house. Systems with cameras and other detectors can monitor where guests like housekeepers or contractors are at all times. This makes it much easier to keep track of what is happening in the house even when you are not there.

Lower Your Insurance Rates
A portion of the premiums you pay for homeowner’s insurance are to cover the replacement of your personal possessions if the house is burglarized. This amount is based on the calculated risk that burglars would target and successfully steal from your house. A Miami ADT home security system can lower your risk and insurance rates. Security systems immediately deter most criminals and make capturing others much easier. You will pay less for insurance with an alarm system installed.

Add Home Automation Features
A final reason to install a modern alarm is that you can often add home automation features to the system. Home automation features include things like wireless thermostats, programmable lights and locks on your doors that can be triggered remotely. Home automation features can make living in your house more comfortable and convenient.

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