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Three Facts That You Likely Did Not Know About Your Home Security System

Home Security Systems have become a very up and coming industry due to the advanced technology that is associated with the concept of the Smart Home. For this reason, there has been a spotlight on reforming the traditional home security system to make them compatible with such incredible technology. If you are living in the greater Miami area, it is highly recommended that you consult with ADT home security in Miami to learn about the potential capabilities of their Miami ADT alarm system. Here are three facts that you likely did not know about your home security system:

1. It Can Sense Motion Based on Body Heat: This is particularly impressive. What makes this even more incredible is that the security system can sense if the overall temperature in your home is too high to be safe. This will trigger an alert to the team who is monitoring your home, which will result in a response phone call. If you fail to respond, the fire department will be called. Thus, this feature is an exceptional addition.

2. Your Home Security System Can Be Accessed From Your Smart Phone: This is one of the best contributions that the smart phone community has made to home security systems and the Smart Home overall. By making Apps that are connected the end user can monitor their home even when they are away.

3. You Can Customize Your Home on Your Way Home: This new technology allows you to program your home security system to your personalized settings such as classical music when you arrive home or the climate at a certain temperature. Given that these devices all operate on Wifi, they no longer require long wires that make them separate.

Thus, consider utilizing your home security system with the modern innovations and you will be absolutely amazed at the result.

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