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Four Tips for Preventing Break-Ins and Abductions after Bringing Home a New Baby

adt-miami-infantAn ADT Miami home security system is an important device to install before bringing a new baby home from the hospital. As a parent, you want to protect an infant from a kidnapping. Unfortunately, there are individuals who will watch for the evidence of a new infant in a home in order to abduct a child.

Tip One: Don’t Advertise Expensive Possessions

After a new infant is brought home, you may purchase high-ticket items such as electronics or appliances. New parents also receive a lot of expensive gifts after the baby is born, and these are the things that thieves want to steal to sell to others for money to pay for living expenses or drug habits. It is a good idea to throw away the packaging from expensive goods by using opaque trash bags.

Tip Two: Add Window Locks and Dead Bolts

As additional protection after bringing a baby home, make sure to install stronger locks on windows and sliding doors. If your home’s doors do not have dead bolts, then contact a locksmith to install the devices. You also need to protect garage doors because thieves will use these as entry points before opening a door that leads directly into the home.

Tip Three: Install More Security Lighting

Make sure to add security lighting around the exterior of a home, especially next to windows and doors. To save money on the energy costs of security lights, use a combination of solar and electrical powered devices. Have your home’s lights set with an automatic timer so that you do not need to remember to turn the devices on.

Tip Four: Remove Shrubbery Next to Entrances

You might think that having shrubbery next to a home’s windows helps to prevent break-ins, but the foliage makes it easier for thieves to hide. Take time to trim away tree branches and shrubs that are next to doorways and windows to make it more difficult for thieves to hide. Despite taking all of these precautions after bringing home a new baby, you must still use ADT home security in Miami.

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