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Getting the Upper Hand in Home Security

Getting the Upper Hand in Home SecurityIt can be quite shocking, to say the least, to hear many of the accounts of home burglaries and how they have become more common place and sophisticated. It is also quite wrong for a homeowner to believe that when he or she installs a monitored home security system, especially a very technologically advanced system from America’s top home security company ADT, that security is no longer an issue.

The first issue to consider on gaining the upper hand against home break-ins is whether or not you as a homeowner are truly doing everything that you can do to protect your home. Next you need to consider what kind of home security system are you looking to install. Clearly, some home security systems have an explanation as to why they are inexpensive-because they provide very limited home security. Dogs, alarms, and automatic lights are all systems that have been used over the years, and depending on how they are being used, their effects vary.

Even the less capable burglars can outsmart any of the previously mentioned home security measures. The best quality home security systems that are on the market today offer complete monitoring services, not just cheap prevention plans. America’s number one monitored home security company is ADT. ADT’s monitoring system has several monitoring centers that immediately track and investigate break-ins, and notify you the homeowner and the authorities of what is happening. Because ADT is at the top of the line in home security systems, not only are they protecting you against burglaries, but they are also protecting you against other home threats such as fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The ways for ADT to communicate with homeowners is at an all time peak. Not only are you getting the best home security service with ADT, but they also offer new features, such as video surveillance, health and elder care monitoring, and pet-immune motion detectors. You may think that some of these features have no importance, such as a pet-immune motion detector. What is the importance of pet sensors? There have been many security systems that have been susceptible to false alarms because of moving pets, which the system identified as an intruder. The newest systems reduce this possibility with pet motion detectors and a live monitoring service.

ADT is so certain of the quality of their protection that they provide customers with the Theft Protection Guarantee, which offers up to $500 in the case of a home burglary while ones alarm system is armed. However, you must not completely write off the possibility that a smart burglar could outsmart the system. Has it been done before? Yes. However, by protecting yourself and being prepared, you are reducing the likelihood of such an event.

Using your ADT security sign and sticker tells burglars that you are serious about home security. The simple presence of these signs lets them know that you put effort into the protection of your home. Since ADT offers many different plans, packages, and equipment, the possibilities of them getting caught is greatly increased. Many burglars confess that they will avoid a home with a home security system.

You can get the better of these burglars by using your own intelligence and common sense. And with ADT on your side, you have the protection of the number one home security company on your side.

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