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Five Useful Techniques to Improve Your Home Security

ADT Miami security before workHomeowners are often fearful of criminals breaking into their homes, especially those who live in high-crime areas. Luckily, there are many things that these homeowners can do that will improve home security security. Put an end to your anxiety by implementing these easy methods for discouraging burglars from breaking into your home.

Design Your Lawn With Security in Mind

Home security doesn’t begin at your front door. The yard is an important part that is forgotten by countless homeowners. The main thing to avoid when landscaping is the creation of hiding places for intruders as they make their way towards the house. There is nothing wrong with having trees and shrubs, but don’t plant them in tight clusters that can provide cover.

Guard the Yard

There are usually a few expensive items in the backyard that are attractive to thieves. Bicycles, lawn furniture, barbecues, and many other things are commonly stolen from yards, most likely to be sold for the scrap metal value. Even if your yard has a fence, you should take steps to secure these items. Lock them up in the garage or chain them to an immovable object such as a fence post.

Remember to Lock the Doors

This step sounds obvious, but plenty of homeowners either forget or neglect to do it for short trips. Remember that if a thief sees you leave the door unlocked, they can easily steal a few items and be gone in minutes. You should never leave the house without locking the doors no matter how short your trip may be. It’s also vital that your locks are of the highest quality. Look for a brand with a favorable reputation. If you’re not sure how to install them, call a trustworthy locksmith service.

Improve Window Security

Just like the doors, the windows require additional security measures to keep burglars out. The standard locks on most windows are made of cheap, flimsy plastic, and they will offer very little protection if a burglar pries at the window with a crowbar. Windows should be fortified with pin locks, which are easily installed by drilling a hole through the two wooden panels and inserting a pin. You should also have a Miami ADT home security firm install a few glass break sensors just in case a thief decides to smash through the window.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Burglars usually try to avoid encounters with homeowners, so you can deter many of them by creating the appearance of someone being home. The inexpensive outlet timers that you can find at the hardware store are excellent for this purpose. They can be set to turn an outlet on and off at preplanned intervals. Lamps, TVs, and radios turning on and off will make burglars think twice about trying to break in.

It’s up to every homeowner to make sure that their house is an unsatisfactory target for crooks. The most prudent homeowners protect their property by securing the yard, closing off points of entry, and installing useful devices from home security ADT Miami companies. If you sometimes worry about burglars violating your home, use some of these techniques to put your mind at ease.

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