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Four Benefits of Using Home Security Yard Signs

home-secuirty-wirelessSome security-minded homeowners devote a great deal of effort to having the most advanced alarm system on the market. This is a prudent choice, but they sometimes forget about one of the best home security devices of all: yard signs with the logo of an ADT Miami security company. Consider some of the benefits of this incredibly simple burglary prevention tool.

Easy to See

Window stickers may achieve the same effect as yard signs, but they are sometimes difficult to see. Yard signs are large and usually include reflective materials, so they will definitely be noticed by anyone approaching your property. It will be impossible not to see the logo of your Miami ADT home security company on the sign, so criminals will think twice about proceeding.


Alarm systems are an excellent home security tool, but they can be expensive. The cost of the system itself, the installation fees, and the monthly monitoring fees combined often run into the thousands. If your current budget does not permit such an expense, the home security yard sign is the next best thing. The signs are affordable enough to have on every side of your property.

A Hands-free Method

Common-sense habits like locking the doors and closing the blinds take effort. Even the most advanced alarm system requires that you turn it on and off when necessary. But installing yard signs is a one-time job; you simply place them where they will be visible and leave them there! No time or labor is ever required after that, and they will be working around the clock to deter criminals.

They Stop the Burglary as Early as Possible

Loud alarms on door sensors and glass break detectors typically send the burglar running for the hills, but the damage – a broken doorframe or a smashed window – is already done. Yard signs may drive the burglar away before they even cross your property line. They reduce the risk of a successful burglary as well as the risk of property damage from a failed attempt.

There’s no reason not to have a few home security yard signs on your property. They are highly visible, cost next to nothing, require no effort on your part, and work quickly. Post a few of these signs around your yard to add another layer of security to your home.

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