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3 Times of Day Home Invasions Are Most Likely to Occur

Break-ins are a common occurrence nowadays, with approximately 2 million home burglaries reported each year in the United States. Most break-ins take place during the day when people are away from their homes, and little or no violence is involved.

Home invasions, however, are not like other break-ins. The perpetrators of home invasions are sadistic and prefer to break into occupied homes. They plan their break-ins to coincide with times when the occupants of a house are at home. Here are three most common times when home invasions occur.

Late in the Evening and at Night

Most home invasions occur at night. The burglars wait for the occupants to get home from work or school. Some home invaders follow their victims from work, depending on the jewelry they are wearing or the vehicle they are driving.

On Weekends

Some home invaders may attack during weekends when they are sure that you are at home. They sometimes use an impersonation or a ruse to convince you to open the door; they may pretend to be delivering a package or even flowers.

Once the door is open, they force their way in and attack. The greatest acts of violence during home invasions are committed within the first minute of the crime and are aimed at forcing you to submit. The home invaders may come with a rope, a duct tape, handcuffs or even firearms.

During Weekdays in Summer

In summer, children are out of school, and working adults have more time free from work. If your children don’t like to go out, they might be the victims of a home invasion. According to the FBI, most home break-ins are reported in July and August.

Home invaders prefer to break into occupied homes because they don’t have to worry about tripping security alarms.

Approximately 66 percent of all burglaries are home break-ins. To protect yourself and your loved ones from home invasions, consider these tips:

• Make it difficult for invaders to break in. Most home invaders access your home by the door. Use reinforced doors and request any strangers to identify themselves before you open the door.
• Install a suitable ADT Miami security system to deter crime. Many criminals will leave when they realize that you have security measures in place. Miami ADT home security company has alarms that will notify you in case of a break in and give you time to react.
• Arm yourself if it is possible. If a burglar manages to break in and gets to you, you must defend yourself. A firearm will drive the thief away.

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