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Three Types of Home Security Approaches We Take

adt miami for businessAsk any homeowner what there number one fear is. Most will say a home invasion or burglary is near the top of their list. The United States has seen a number of high profile home invasions that have shocked us to our cores and the Miami area is no stranger to such events. So, how do you combat against a home invader? How do you stand up to those wishing to harm you or your family? The answer can be as simple, or as complex, as you wish it too be. Below are the three most common approaches as to how we defend our homes.

1. Perhaps the most common approach people have to home security is that we do nothing. That’s right, we do almost nothing to combat an intruder. Sure, we have door looks and our phones at the ready to call 911, but otherwise we do nothing. No strategic landscaping or lighting. No secure doors or tempered glass windows. No motion sensors or video surveillance. Simply put, we sit back and cross our fingers and hope our home is not targeted.

2. The second most common approach to home security we see is over kill; literally. Over kill comes in the form of armed homeowners. We are not arguing with a person’s right to arm themselves with a firearm. We are arguing that a firearm will not deter a person from breaking into your home. That is unless you are sitting on your front porch while holding a shotgun 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The house would also have to be windowless, with only the front door as an entry. This is what it would take for a person not to target your home based on their unknown knowledge as to if you have a firearm or not.

3. Now, the most effective approach to home security in the Miami area is a balanced combination to home security. You want your home security to be both defensive and offensive. The best way to do this is by installing an ADT home security system. An ADT professional will not only install your system, but can also brief you on the many other areas of your home which could benefit from a security up grade. Honestly, your choices are pretty limited as to what posture you are going to take in terms of home security. If the two approaches above do not interest you, give ADT a try.

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