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4 Most Common Break In Methods

Home security is one of the most important investments that a homeowner can make. If you are living in the Miami area, it is best to speak with ADT home security in Miami in order to hammer out a viable home security plan. One great way to do this is to invest in a Miami ADT alarm system. That being said, it is wise to be aware of the most common break in methods. Here are the four most common break in methods:

1. Crowbar: Crowbars can be utilized in a variety of ways; however, the most common way is to break windows. The way that you can protect against this method is to put bars on your windows so that even if there are bars, the intruder cannot get in after they break them.

2. Lock Pick: Lock picks can be constructed from a plethora of materials. One of the most common lock picks used is a paper clip to open doors. The best way to protect your home from this is to put several different locks on your doors. By doing this, you will add less potential for intruders to get in successfully.

3. Unlocked Doors and Windows: Believe it or not, many thieves just walk into a home due to homeowner carelessness. Thus, be sure that you double and triple check whether your doors and windows are in fact locked.

4. Security System Wire Cutting: Historically speaking, thieves were able to cut the wires of the security system. If you want to avoid this, the best way is to invest in a wireless home security system so that there is never a moment where your system is turned off.

By knowing the common break in methods, you will be able to adequately prepare your home to combat them. Thus, invest in methods to prevent these break ins in the long term.

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