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Three Ways to Keep Expensive Jewelry Away From Intruders

Ideally, one should never fear storing their expensive jewelry in their own home; however, this has become an unfortunate reality. If you are going to purchase those beautiful expensive jewelry pieces, then it is important to ensure that they are in fact safe. If you are living in the Miami area, then perhaps it is wise to consult with ADT home security in Miami in order to ascertain how a Miami ADT alarm system could help to keep your valuable jewelry safe. Here are three ways that ADT home security in Miami recommends to keep your expensive jewelry safe:

1. Remember that Moderation is Security. If you do have expensive jewelry in your home, it is highly recommended that you consider hiding your jewelry in places that are so obvious that they would not be searched by robbers. For example, hiding an expensive ring inside of a sock in your sock drawer could be a great idea.

2. Keep Your Safe in a Hidden Space. Having a safe for your expensive jewelry is a fantastic idea. That being said, it is best to hide your safe behind a painting or in the most hidden part of your closet. This way, it is not easily visible to prospective robbers.

3. Consider Storing Jewelry Under Floor Boards. There are many hidden compartments available for home security to hide items that are valuable and are paper items that you do not want destroyed in the event of a fire. This could also be a viable option for protecting your fine jewelry.

Owning fine jewelry is completely fine if you know how to keep it safe. By keeping a low profile in your home with the fine jewelry that you do own, you will be able to ensure that it is not immediately available to a prospective intruder.

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