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4-Step Framework To Better Home Security

adt miami home lockWith over two million break-ins reported each year, theft and burglaries continue to occur in most residential areas. For homeowners, theft means having valuables and the safety of the residents at risk when the home is targeted by intruders. To protect your home and increase the security, there are several steps to take to safeguard your belongings and prevent making the home a target.

Install Motion-Sensor Lights

Intruders will attempt to remain hidden in dark corners of the property while trying to find various points of entry to the home. By installing motion-sensor lights, it will illuminate the exterior property and alert neighbors of someone who is outdoors. Add the lights near windows and doors where burglars are likely to access the home. It’s also important to keep shrubs and bushes trimmed, which will prevent the intruder from hiding while trying to get into the property.

Use Window Treatments

Block valuables and expensive electronics from plain sight by using window treatments on the first and second level of the home. This will prevent intruders from targeting the property and estimating how much they can steal. Avoid using Roman shades, which offer a minimum amount of coverage and still make the indoors visible. Sheer curtains can be used to allow light in while still increasing the privacy in each room.

Install a Home Security Alarm

Using a home security alarm is one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of theft, which alerts the police of a break-in within seconds of the intruder’s entry. Miami ADT home security and similar companies work to monitor the property 24-hours a day, which allows the homeowner to have peace of mind when away from the home. ADT Miami signs can also be used in the yard and stickers on windows to alert possible intruders of the home security system that is present.

Use a Security Screen Door

More burglars are attempting to break into homes by kicking down front and back doors for a desperate attempt to steal valuables in a short period of time. Protect your property by installing a security screen door that is manufactured with steel to safeguard the most popular points of entry. The screen door will also prevent possible burglars from peering into the home and spotting valuables if the main doors are open.

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