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Five Tips to Improve Your Home Security

ADT Miami security before workThere are many ways you can increase your home’s security aside from a home alarm system. These security tips work in tandem with a good alarm system.

Window Shades

This might seem overly simple, but if a burglar can’t see into your home, he can’t see what you have to steal. He also won’t be able to see if there’s anyone at home. Most burglars like to steal from houses that are empty. If he doesn’t know, he’ll move on to a home that he is positive is empty.

Upgraded Locks

Don’t be satisfied with a simple lock that can easily be forced open. Change any flimsy locks to a deadbolt system. The deadbolt should be a sturdy way to protect your home from a break-in. The deadbolt itself should be seated deeply into the door frame. Along with the deadbolt, you can add heavier reinforcement to the door frame itself.

Security Lights

Motion detecting lights in your yard can stop a burglar from casing your home at night. Burglars like to work in the dark undetected. Shining a bright light on them will cause them to scamper to another home quickly. Thieves like easy targets, and a security light makes the home a harder target.

Secure Belongings

If you keep cash or jewelry in your home, make it difficult for a burglar to find. A safe that is embedded in the home’s walls or floor is the best way to keep valuables safe, but not everyone can afford a wall safe. For those who can’t, make sure items are hard to find. A thief will only spend 8 to 10 minutes searching a home for valuables. Don’t hide your items in the freezer or the dresser drawer.

Alarm System

The best thing you can do for your home security is to contact ADT home security in Miami. With an alarm system, a burglar wouldn’t have 10 minutes to search your home for valuables. With a Miami ADT alarm system, someone is monitoring your home’s alarm system. At the first sign of trouble, the monitor will send a police car. If someone breaks in, the wailing siren will send them scurrying away very quickly.

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