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5 Home Security Tips Your Kids Should Know

home-alone-fort-lauderdaleKids must be educated about home security. It isn’t just the adults who must be trained on home security and should take adequate steps. Kids too play a role and their contribution is quite significant. If kids are unaware of general home security or specific measures then they would be helpless if the security is compromised. It often happens that kids are the cause of such compromises or a home security system failing to cater to its purpose. Here are five home security tips your kids should know.

Your kids must be trained to use the home alarm system.
If you have more elaborate security systems then the kids must be aware of how to use them and general troubleshooting. For instance, if you have a Miami ADT home security system, then your kids must know how to disarm it, arm it and also how to react when there is a false alarm. From simple troubleshooting to answering the call following an alarm, kids must be trained on the basics. Obviously the age of a kid will determine to what extent he or she can be trained but parents should have a practice of talking about security and get their kids steadily accustomed with the various systems.

Kids must have access to the spare keys.
Kids lose keys all the time and should the parents be unavailable at home, the spare keys will come to their rescue. They must be told where which keys are and they must also be taught to use them only in cases of emergency. The kids must not access the spare keys for no reason and then lose them without you being notified later. That can create troubles for you.

Kids must be trained to avoid all actions or activities that can cause fires.
Thousands of fires in homes are caused by kids. Playing with lighters or any source of a fire is not acceptable.

Kids should also be provided a detailed instruction to react when there is a break-in.
From going over to the trusted neighbor’s house to hiding in a safe room if one is available, kids must know what to do when there’s a burglary attempt.

Every family must have a fire escape plan.
Kids should be trained as well. Ideally, families should conduct drills once or twice a year. Kids should also be told not to hide in case of a fire, especially from firemen when they come to the rescue.

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