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Four Tips To Keep Your Home Protected During Summer Vacation

adt-miami-alarmsSummer is the time for vacations, which means it’s a prime time for home burglaries as thieves target unoccupied homes. By following these tips, you can keep your home protected during summer vacation and reduce your chance of being hit by a burglar.

Don’t broadcast your absence on social media

These days, instead of casing homes to find out if anybody’s home, thieves can just sit at their computers and watch social media sites. When you are on vacation, you should not post about it on social media or check in with location apps that show where you are.

Make your home look lived in

Thieves target houses that look empty, so if you make yours look like someone is around, you’ll be less likely to be a target. Ask a friend or relative to come over a few times while you are gone and turn different lights off and on and move your cars around to different spots. If you have a light timer, use it to turn your porch light on at night and off during the day.

Stop your mail and newspaper

A sure sign that a house is vacant is newspapers stacking up on the front porch, so if you subscribe, put your subscription on hold while you’re gone. Also have your mail held at the post office. Even if someone is coming to pick up your mail, thieves could still pluck it from the box before it’s picked up. And make sure you don’t have any deliveries scheduled during the time you are gone.

Use a security system

Even if you do everything right while you’re gone on vacation, the only surefire way to prevent a burglary while you are gone is to get a security system from ADT Miami. A Miami ADT home security system will protect your home on the off chance that a burglar targets you during your vacation even if you have taken all other precautions.

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