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Landscaping for Better Home Security

lush green lawnHomeowners in the Miami area are proud of their homes, and for good reason. Miami offers spectacular houses, beautiful weather, and an overall atmosphere like no other. With this in mind, are homeowners doing everything they can to protect their home from burglars? Home security is an often overlooked feature of a home. Sure, we lock our doors and windows, but there is more you can do to keep your home safe. One of these steps includes making your homes landscape an uninviting place for criminals.

Some individuals may have never considered turning their landscaping into a security feature. Doing so is a low cost and effective method which may add to your homes equity. Below are a few steps to make your Miami homes landscaping work double duty.

Shrubs and Trees
Keep your landscaping trimmed and neat. Do not allow shrubs or trees to take over any area of your home. Overgrown landscaping will allow individuals to conceal themselves from view. Also, plant uninviting shrubs under exterior windows around your home. Shrubs with thorns will have a criminal thinking twice about a prolonged presence. These features will not completely deter a criminal. However, they may lead to a criminal looking for an easier target down the street.

Ground Cover
Mulch, such as woodchips, is a favorite among landscapers. Though attractive for many reasons, home security is not one of them. Placing an alternative ground cover, such as pebbles or stones, may provide an early warning device. Walking on pebbles creates a very distinctive and loud sound; while walking on woodchips produces no sound at all. Placing these pebbles as a landscape feature around the perimeter of your home will provide a touch of security for years to come.

Lighting Features
Properly placed landscape lighting adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal to any home. Lighting is usually low key and accents the home’s exterior. It may prove beneficial to incorporate motion sensor lighting around your house in various ways. For instance, some individuals have secured high wattage motion sensors to trees and have them face ‘towards’ their home. The thought being, if a burglar sets the motion sensor off, it will alert the homeowner while exposing the person caught between the light and the home.

Though a deterrent, none of the above can stop a determined burglar. In order to have criminals looking for easier targets, consider having a home security system, such as ADT Miami, installed in your Miami home. No other service protects a home like ADT. For true crime stopping power in the Miami area, call us to get started.

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