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Home Security System Monitoring 101

Home Security System Monitoring 101If you are planning on installing a monitored home security system, you may be wondering how the monitoring system actually works. ADT offers their customers 24/7 monitoring service. This means that with the installation of a monitored home security system, your home is being protected at all times. ADT is providing their customers with the greatest assurance that their family’s safety is guaranteed in the case of a home intrusion or other emergencies.

In order to give you a greater understanding and peace of mind as to what you will receive with the home security system, here is how the monitoring works. With ADT you are choosing the number home security provider in the nation, guaranteed to give you flawless monitoring services. When an alert is identified, the home security system calls out to the programmed telephone numbers using your telephone line. The monitoring service obtains the alert along with data specifying the type of alert that has been activated. Once this has occurred, a home security associate will contact you to confirm the alert and contact local authorities to send out emergency personnel. This is an incredible advantage, because in the time it takes for all of this to go through the monitoring service, it is much faster than if you would have contacted your local emergency personnel yourself.

The way the monitoring works is that dialers are installed in the main unit of your security system. The monitoring system is equipped with the numbers to dial when an alert is identified. The dialers are simply incorporated by plugging the system in just like you would a telephone. The uncertainty of setting up telephone numbers to dial is done away with.

Another component to dialers in keypads is their listen in mode. This makes it available for either your ADT monitoring service or your designated telephone number to hear what is going on in the home. If a burglary is in progress, the intruders will not be conscious of someone listening in on the crime. From here, emergency personnel can be alerted with the information of the intruder’s presence in the home.

A great advantage to selecting an ADT monitored home security system is that they include built-in power loss protection, that way your dialers continue to work in spite of the power loss. ADT’s equipment has the ability to keep a hold of telephone numbers during a power loss, therefore eliminating the need to program numbers in another time.

ADT also offers its customers the Two-Way Voice Keypad. The way this works is when an active alarm is triggered, or when you chose to activate the interactive audio session, you are quickly linked to the ADT monitoring center. This eliminates you having to go to the telephone, a great benefit if in the time of the intrusion you are far from the telephone or from some reason cannot get to the phone. What comfort in practically having some one there with you, to help and guide you through the disturbance.

ADT’s monitoring service can save you thousands of dollars that may potentially be lost during a burglary, thanks to their quick response times. A monitoring service is one of the most important considerations when selecting or installing a home security system, and with ADT you know you have chosen the best.

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