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5 Ways To Deter Criminals From Breaking Into Your Home

Residential break-ins can happen to anyone. Even while you may think that you like in a good neighborhood, criminals are unfortunately out there everywhere. In 2006 alone, more than 1.5 million homes within the United States were broken into. If you would like to prevent this from potentially happening to you, there are ways in which you can deter criminals from breaking into your home. When criminals feel as though they may get caught or that the break-in is not worth the hassle, they will likely flee the scene, leaving you, your home and your property safe.

Tricking the Burglars

In more cases than not, burglars will not attempt to rob a home which appears to have people at home. You can easily trick the burglars and deter them away from your property by creating the illusion that someone is there. Most break-ins occur during the day while the homeowners are at work. Lights can be left on inside, music can be playing or the television can be put on. To reduce wasting electricity, you may consider putting these on timers which turn on and off during the day as desired.

Home Security Systems

There are two different types of home security systems that you may choose to install within your home to deter criminals. A simple alarm system, such as ADT Alarm Miami, can be triggered when a criminal attempts to break into your home, sounding an alarm that will typically send them running. Home security monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring for your home which will contact the police and proper authorities in the event of a break-in. A simple ADT Security Miami sign in your yard is usually enough to keep burglars away.

Securing Doors and Windows

One of the easiest ways for burglars to break into homes is by simply opening a door or window. Many homeowners forget to lock their windows and doors or simply do not fear that anything could happen while they’re away. In addition to locking all sliding doors and windows, they can be extra secured with steel bars that can be slid into the back groove. A small nail can also be installed into the frame of the window so that it can not be raised more than a few inches. If a burglar is unable to get into the home at their first attempt, they may be more likely to flee the scene than to keep trying and risk getting caught.

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