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Four Navy SEAL Lessons on Home Security

adt-miami-home-protectionYou may not have special ops training as a Navy SEAL, but you can use security principles that a Navy Seal would use to keep your family safe. You may think of these as common sense measures, but they are all things that Navy SEALs do to stay alive when they are in the field.

Do Not Just Sit There

Many people will drive into their garage, leave the door open and just sit in their car. There are other times when people pull into their garage and take items out of the car with the garage door still open. You must be on-guard when you are parking your vehicle, and a criminal can easily get to you if your garage door is open. You want to secure your garage as soon as you park the vehicle, and you want to wait to get out of the vehicle until the door is closed.

Use Your Security System

Your Miami ADT home security system must be in use at all times. When you put the ADT Miami sign in your yard, that does not mean the system is active. If you leave the house for even a few minutes, you need to arm your system. If you are just sitting at home in the middle of the day, you need to keep the system armed. You should never leave your house unguarded. A Navy SEAL would never leave their post unguarded, either.

Check Your Home

Navy SEALs have been trained to do security sweeps of their location. You can do so easily by making sure that you know what cars are parked outside, who is driving by the house and who is walking near the house. Being observant keeps your family safe, and you can call in irregularities outside to the local authorities.

Also, you want to check your home before you go to bed. You do not have to sleep with a gun under your pillow, but you need to make sure you lock all the doors before you go to sleep. You want the house to be completely locked down so that you are safe in the middle of the night.

Work With The Local Police

You can call the local police to drive through your neighborhood every day. You can contact the police to check on your home while you are out of town, and you should register your Miami home security system with the local authorities. Following each step will provide you with a safer and more secure home.

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