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Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security

miami adt home security tipsYou don’t have to be a security expert to make your home reasonably safe from thieves. You just have to learn about the most common burglary tactics and block them off. Use these simple ideas if you’re looking to keep the crooks away from your home.

Bolster Your Door Security

If your door is only secured by the lock on the knob and a standard strike plate, it’s still an easy entry point for criminals. Most strike plates are far too small and are only mounted to the frame with a few tiny screws. Luckily, there are plenty of extra-large strike plates on the market that use four screws or more. Another prudent step is installing extra locks. Every outside door should have a lock on the knob and a deadbolt at the very least, but another lock that can only be opened from the inside will give you extra protection when you’re home.

Get a Top-notch Alarm System

An alarm system is the most important purchase you can make for home security. The various detection devices that come with most security systems are virtually impossible to evade. If the system includes sirens, they will probably send the crook running to avoid being spotted. Plus, you can set your system to notify law enforcement automatically if an intruder is detected. This way, police will be on the way immediately, and they will have a good chance of catching the criminal in the act. You can learn about which alarm system is ideal for your home by consulting with a Miami ADT home security firm.

Secure Your Outbuildings

Homeowners often focus so much on the security of the house that they forget about outbuildings. The garage and the tool shed are the most common examples of this. These buildings are attractive to burglars because of the expensive items stored inside such as powertools, bicycles, sporting equipment, and even cars. In addition, a building separate from the house is much easier to break into without waking anyone up. The doors on all of these buildings should have sturdy locks that are secured to the frame, not just a flimsy latch. Any windows should be locked and covered with bars.

Don’t Make Your Absence Obvious

Sooner or later, you will have to leave your home unattended for several days. This is a thief’s favorite time to strike, so it’s critical that you take extra precautions to conceal your absence. Leave a few lights on outlet timers, and set the timers to turn on and off all throughout the night so that it looks like someone is home and awake. Burglars sometimes listen for a phone that rings constantly, which indicates that nobody is home, so turn the ringer off or down to a low volume.

Make Use of Signs and Decals

It’s always best to stop burglaries before they start. You can do this by mounting yard signs and applying window decals with your ADT Miami security company’s logo. When prowling thieves see them, they might abandon their plans entirely. Most burglars know that they cannot outsmart 21st century surveillance technology. Be sure to place the signs where they are most likely to be seen by someone trying to sneak up to the house. The decals are cheap enough to have on every door and window.

Improving your home security is neither complicated nor disruptive to your lifestyle. Just remember that burglars are usually nervous and confused and that they can easily be driven off with some wise countermeasures. Your home will be much safer from criminals after you put these ideas into effect.

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