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Top Four Fundamentals for Better Home Security

miami-home-security-system-benefitsHome security is a serious issue in the Miami area. Miami has one of the highest crime rates nationwide. According to a recent article, Florida is home to 11 of the top 100 most dangerous cities. Miami ranks near the middle at number 58. This means an individual has a chance of 1 in 85 in becoming a victim of a violent crime. There are many factors which lead to violence and crime in general. Equally, there are many factors which people must take in regards to their homes in order not to become a victim of violence. Below are four fundamentals to better home security.

1. Vigilance: Individuals must never become complacent in their home security. Locking your doors at night is really just the first step for security minded people. Also consider window locks, garage doors, cars, porch lights, motion activated lights, and video surveillance just to name a few security steps.

2. Cooperation: Your neighbors should be more than just casual acquaintances you share small talk with. Encourage security minded involvement within your area. Be on the lookout for suspicious cars traveling up and down your street. Tell neighbors if individuals are trying to run a scam by knocking on your door and feeding you a phony line about “magazine subscriptions”. Also, alert neighbors if your home was broken into. This sounds obvious, but do not assume your neighbors will know.

3. Planning: Most people feel they will never become the victim of a break in. Ask any number of victims and they will probably say, “I never thought this could happen to me”. If you take proper steps and actually anticipate a break in, you may be able to recoup your losses. This means keeping a file on items of worth in your home. Writing down serial numbers, purchase dates, and keeping receipts of valuable items. Doing so will paint a much clearer picture of any loses you file with your insurance company.

4. Acquire Help: Consider the purchase of a home security system for your Miami area home. ADT Pulse, for example, can greatly help you in maintaining your homes security. From 24-hour alert monitoring, to motion detectors, video surveillance, fire, gas leaks, panic buttons, to the latest and greatest in biometric features, you can’t go wrong with ADT Miami.

Typically, our homes are our greatest material investment. Protect them with a proven security system like ADT.

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