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5 Tips To Keeping Your Home Safe From Burglary

When it comes to protecting your home from intruders, the best defense is a security system. Burglars tend to avoid homes with dogs and security systems. There are five helpful tips you can follow to keep your home safe from burglary. Home intrusions are a common occurrence in many neighborhoods. Protect your home and family by being aware of how the typical burglar thinks when he breaks into your home.

Master Bedroom

Many homeowners do not know that the first room a burglar goes to is the master bedroom. This is typically because he knows cash, guns and jewelry are usually hidden in this room. Find a better place to store these items to prevent theft.

Entry Doors

Glass panels on the front door make it easy to break in the home, because an intruder can break the glass to unlock the door. Choose steel doors with deadbolt locks without windows for better ADT home security in Miami.

Mail Slots

Did you know that mail slots installed in the front door would weaken the doorframe? This makes it much easier for an intruder to kick in the door. Even though it is a convenience to have mail slots, you will have better security without them.

Plant Thorny Bushes

If you plant thorny bushes underneath ground floor windows, then this will make entering your home through the windows more difficult. The most common points of entry is the doors and windows found in your home.

Home Security Decals

If you do not want to install a home security system, then the next best thing is to purchase a security decal and signs to make it look like you have one. A home security system is the best way to protect your home from intruders. Check around your community for a security company that charges a small fee for monitoring services. There are also security systems that allow you to monitor your home through your smartphone. The idea is to make it difficult for an intruder to get into you

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