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Residential Alarms; Property Protection Tips

I can remember a time right here in South Florida, when it was not an uncommon thing to hear someone say that they usually leave their doors unlocked or even leave their cars unlocked because they truly had no concern for anyone entering their home or stealing anything from their car. Oh sure there were break ins back in the day but for the most part people felt safe in their homes and their cities. You could turn on the news and would not hear one story after another about murder and robbery just down your block. But fast forward to our day and age and a completely different perspective is seen. As we turn on our nightly news we are gripped with the reality that we could be the next victim. It is very common today to say that you have been a victim of a break in or at least know someone close to you that has been thru the ordeal of having someone break into their home.

As this reality has set in we are faced with what to do about it. How do we become more secure in our homes and businesses to once again feel a freedom from having to worry about becoming a victim or a burglary. I could give you my own opinion but that would not be worth a whole lot , however all law enforcement agencies nationwide agree that the best thing you can do to once again feel safe in the city you live in is to have a residential alarm installed.

The question then comes up as to what kind of residential alarm to get and probably more importantly is by who or by what company do I get this residential alarm. Thankfully I really don’t have to resort to giving my personal opinion on this matter because without a doubt everyone in the residential alarm industry has to agree that ADT Security is the number one leader in the industry. ADT has and will always be the front runner in innovation and quality when it comes to residential alarms. Others might debate this fact but this is not really open for debate.  ADT is the only residential alarm provider in the nation that has 6 monitoring facilities. Yes that’s right 6 locations nationwide that have the capability to monitor your home security system. And you might ask, well why is that an important criteria when choosing an alarm provider? Well it is of utmost importance in the event of a natural disaster or even as we have seen in recent times, and attack from outside our borders. If any event would possibly disrupt your service from being provided by the ADT monitoring station you are connected to then all that would have to take place is a flip of a switch to transfer your monitoring to one of 6 ADT monitoring centers.

That is just one reason ADT is Americas number one provider of residential alarms. The other thing that differentiates ADT from its competitors is the ADT guarantees. In the event of a break in while being an active customer with ADT , they will as a kind gesture for their appreciation and out of no obligation on their part, will give you a check for $500 to help you pay your insurance deductible. If that alone was a charachteristic which makes ADT different from its competitors, then that alone would be enough to say that ADT is in a league of their own because, no one other than ADT offers such a guarantee.

This and many more other things that make ADT the nations number one choice when looking for a residential alarm are reason enough to make ADT your choice also. If you haven’t yet decided to get a residential alarm, I urge you to do so and if you are convinced you should get one then the obvious choice is ADT.

If you would like one of our professionally trained representatives to give you more information on how you too can have an ADT monitored home security system , then just call us at (305) 424-9219 or online at Home Security Concepts.

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