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Four Things To Keep in a Safety Box Inside Your Home

miami adt home security tipsIt is important to remember that when living in the Miami area, that hurricanes can happen. It is wise to contact a company such as ADT home security in Miami pertaining to what you need for hurricane preparation. If you have a Miami ADT alarm system, it is an enormous help; however, when the power goes out, you have to be prepared. Here is a list of four things that ADT home security in Miami recommends to their clients for hurricane safety:

1) A Flashlight. If you lose power and you are unable to get to the generator, a flash light is vital to the safety of you and your family. Be sure that you also have the batteries for the flash light in order to be the most secure.

2) Bottled Water. If a hurricane is approaching, it is wise to invest in a large bottle of water to ensure that you are hydrated. It is imperative to buy several bottles of water in case you are without water and power for up to a week.

3) Canned Food. Having box with canned food is essential. That way, if you have no way of cooking and you are trapped in your home, you will be able to eat if you have several canned food options prepared.

4) A Lantern. Even though a flashlight is a must, a lantern is important as well. If you are without electricity for a substantial amount of time, it is easier to have a camping lantern present for safety purposes.

Having an emergency box in your home is imperative in Miami in the event of a hurricane or any other natural disaster. If you take preventative steps, you will have a better chance of survival with your family until the power and water come back to normal after the storm.

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