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5 Tricks That Help to Improve Your Home Security

miami-adtWhether you are planning to leave your home on business or if you have booked an extended vacation, keeping your home safe at all times can be done by implementing a few weird tricks before you leave. Understanding a few tips and tricks is not only a way to give you peace of mind any time you are vacant from your home, but it is also a way to ensure you are keeping your property protected without worrying or stressing out.

Using Light Timers

Use light timers whenever you are out of the home, even if just for one night. Having light timers can deter burglars by setting lights to go on and off at various times of the day and in different rooms.

Avoid Closing Curtains and Blocking Off Normal Views of Your Home

Avoid closing curtains and blocking views of your home that are normally visible when it is occupied. Having everything closed off is a quick way to signal to potential thieves that your home is a viable target.

Investing in a Home Security System and Displaying It

Invest in a home security system with ADT security to help put your mind at ease regardless of the length of duration you are out of your home. An ADT alarm is a way to install sensors along with monitoring that is accessible directly with the use of a mobile application. Having a home security sign in front of your home is another way to deter burglars from entering the property.

Add a “Beware of Dog” Sign Outside of Your Home

Adding a “Beware of Dog” sign outside of your home adds an additional layer of security as most burglars and thieves prefer homes without any potential risk of being spotted or getting caught.

Have Visitors While You Are Gone

Inform family and neighbors of the times you will be gone to have a neighborhood watch and to have others drop by to collect mail and to check up on your home.

Improving your home security is necessary whether you have decided to take a vacation or if you will be out of town for more than just a day. Whether you choose to install a total alarm system or if you have informed others to monitor your home while you are gone, having a plan in place will help making travel much easier any time you need to leave.

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