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5 Steps You Need To Take After A Break-In

deadly-statisticsSomeone breaking into your home is most people’s worst nightmare. The loss of trust and feeling of safety are irreplaceable. Studies show us crime is generally on the decline, but property crime is still the most common of all types of crime committed in America. Hopefully you will never be victim of such a crime. If you ever happened to be in such an unfortunate situation, below are five steps to take after a break in.

1. If you walk into your home and discover it has been burglarized, leave the home immediately. Go to a neighbor’s home and ask for assistance, or drive to a safe location in order to protect yourself. Staying in the home can lead to much bigger problems.

2. Call the police as soon as you have removed yourself from the scene. A police report is necessary for a number of reasons, to include the filing of an insurance claim. Also, and if you have any desire to have your items returned, police involvement is necessary.

3. While filing your report, be sure to make a highly detailed list of your missing belongings. Be sure to include any unique characteristics the missing items may have. For instance, if you added after-market features to your home stereo system, make mention of it. Finding stolen items is sometimes easier than identifying the owners of those items.

4. Make sure you conduct a thorough search of you home. If you discover missing items after you’ve filed the police report, speak with the police officer handling your case so they can add it to the report.

5. Lastly, if your home has been burglarized, consider having a home security system installed in your Miami area home. Criminals have been known to target the same house multiple times, especially if their first burglary yielded valuable items. If you install a security system, like ADT Pulse, burglars will think twice before robbing your home again.

If you have been victimized, ADT Miami can help you feel more secure in the feature. ADT offers 24-hour monitoring of your home. An ADT system can be completely integrated into your home and does much more than just alert police. If such integration is not your style, a less complex system offers the same 24 hour protection. Don’t wait to be victimized again, call today!

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