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Six Dirty Home Security Secrets Burglars Don’t Want You to Know

adt-miami-alarmsThere are quite a few misconceptions about how burglars operate. They are often perpetuated by TV clichés, old wives’ tales, or just urban legends. Burglars depend on this misinformation since they prefer that their victims are uninformed and unaware. Remember these facts that burglars don’t want you to know. This knowledge could save you from having your home violated, your belongings stolen, or worse.

They Are More Scared Than You Are

Burglars are not necessarily brave. They prefer to sneak in unnoticed and get out as quickly as possible. They know that when they break into a home, they are risking incarceration or physical resistance from a homeowner. You would be correct in guessing that they might be in a state of panic as they tiptoe through your house. Because of this nerve-wracking pressure, the burglar may take off at the slightest provocation. This could be a motion light suddenly coming on, the sound of a loud electronic door chime, or a siren connected to the alarm system. There are a few hardened criminals out there who will not be scared off by such things, but many amateur burglars will leave their plans in the dust. A Miami ADT home security company can install these features in your home for a very reasonable price.

They Can Easily Pose as Service People

Sometimes, the more forward-thinking burglars will examine potential targets by posing as a service person. They might dress up as a utility worker and come up with an excuse to enter your home. As brazen as it sounds, some burglars have even been caught impersonating police officers while they search for new victims. Before allowing a stranger to enter your property, call their alleged employer to verify their identity.

They Check Social Media

Social media may be a fun way to stay in touch with your friends, but use caution when posting information. These sites are a gold mine for criminals in search of homes to burglarize. Too many people brag about upcoming vacations and their latest expensive purchase on social media pages without realizing that criminals could be jotting down that information. A seemingly innocent post may serve as a tip that you will be out of the house for several days or that you recently acquired something very expensive. Always use discretion when writing posts. Only tell your close friends in private messages about vacations and new purchases; don’t post them where everyone else can see them.

Alarm Systems Are More Advanced Than Ever

Security features that once existed only in science fiction movies are readily available to homeowners these days. Direct notification of law enforcement, fingerprint door locks, and CCTV cameras that can be viewed from your smart phone are common features of today’s home security systems. This technology is extremely difficult for intruders to bypass. Contact an ADT Miami security specialist to have these components installed in your home, and bring your home security into the 21st century.

Dogs Can Ruin Burglary Plans

Man’s best friend also happens to be the burglar’s worst enemy! Dogs have the ability to smell and hear anyone who approaches the house long before they reach the door. In addition, most dog breeds are very protective of their territory, and they will bark ferociously at any perceived threat. This barking serves as an early warning to you that something may be wrong, and it might even scare off the intruder or let them know that their cover is blown. Large dogs will be more intimidating to burglars, but make sure to choose a family-friendly breed.

Safes Are Not Easy to Crack

Homeowners sometimes eschew household safes under the assumption that a criminal can crack the lock and pilfer the contents. There are a few criminals out there who can open safes with some special tools, but they probably focus on jewelry stores and banks, not homes. The fact is that most residential burglars don’t have the know-how to open a safe. Safes manufactured decades ago had some vulnerabilities, but their modern counterparts are tougher than ever to crack. It is more likely that the crook will simply carry the entire safe away and break it open later with powertools. This can be prevented by bolting the safe securely in place.

Remember that thieves always want their victims to be in the dark about home security and theft prevention. Don’t give them the advantage by remaining uninformed! Staying in the loop on how burglars operate and how they can be thwarted will help you make your home as secure as possible.

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