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The Best Way to Secure Your Miami Florida Home

The Best Way to Secure Your Miami Florida HomeWith the current state of affairs being as unstable as they are today, crimes like burglary are on the rise. With the sophisticated equipment now available, there is no reason to put your loved ones at risk. ADT has taken home security to the next level. Using state of the art technology, you can now monitor your home with your cellular device or personal computer from the location of your choice.

The issue of forgetting to alarm your home becomes a non-issue with this cutting edge alarm company’s offerings.

Home Security Concepts is an authorized ADT dealer with two locations in Miami, one in Broward County and one in Dade County. The beauty of this is that no matter what concerns our clients or future clients have, we are prepared to handle same day installations and repairs.

The First Step

So, you are up to speed concerning the state of affairs in our economy and its impact on crimes. You understand the importance of keeping your loved ones and your home in the loop so far as home security is concerned. What is the next step, you might ask?

We offer the best possible scenario as your next step. We offer no obligation, no fee consultations with our highly trained alarm specialists. At your convenience, you can set up an appointment to survey your home with our advisor who knows what to look for in terms of keeping you and your loved ones safe and sound.

Familiarity with the types of crimes in the Miami locale lends itself to the in-depth and personal surveying that will done. He will advise you in accordance with your budget.

The important fact to keep in mind is that for as little as one dollar a day, you can rest assured that your home and loved ones will be on the best possible monitoring center network available. It is ADT that secures our government’s buildings, including the Pentagon. In what better hands could you place you and your loved ones?

With our personalized home security review, you will be prepared to make an educated decision regarding the best possible solution for your home’s security.

Valuable Guarantees

You are not quite sure if you will be living in your current home for years to come but you still want to insure that you have the peace of mind that you deserve. No problem. If you under contract for two years or more, we offer a Mover’s Security Guarantee, which entitles you to a free ADT security system valued at seven hundred and fifty dollars and an additional savings of to ten percent on all our upgrade offerings.

With the added bonus of up to twenty percent savings on your Home Owners Insurance premiums, affording the best possible alarm system for your Miami home can become a reality.

Connectivity Options

There was a time when it was imperative to have a landline installed in order to connect your alarm system to ADT’s monitoring centers. Now with our Digital Cellular Communicator device, communication between the state of the art monitoring centers and your home’s alarm system is instantaneous and will never be affected by downed phone lines.

Equipment Offerings

Every basic system includes wireless door and window sensors. There is no need for unsightly wires. Most modern dwellings have architectural glass panels near or around their front doors. Not to worry, our Glass-Break Sensors provide the security you deserve.
For families with pets, whether they are cats or dogs, our pet sensitive motion detectors are designed so that your pet’s meanderings will not interfere with an activated alarm. With our Key fob Remote Control; you will have access to arming and disarming your system from up to two hundred feet from your property and activating an audible panic button for that extra dose of protection.

Added Protection

We have all know that carbon monoxide poisoning can happen without any advance warning but now with our Carbon Monoxide Sensors, you can be warned by the interior system siren as well having the security of knowing that proper authorities will be on their way due to the monitoring center’s directives.

As for our smoke and heat detectors, you will have complete security whether your alarm system is activated or not, knowing that the monitoring centers have your residence under their watchful eye.

The Future is Upon Us

With ADT’s Pulse Interactive service, high tech solutions are at your fingertips. Connecting your alarm system to the digital device of choice, be it a smart phone, iPhone or computer, you will have complete access to your alarm system. This access can include twenty four seven monitoring of your video cameras images if you decide to go that route.
With our high definition video cameras, you can capture the comings and goings in your home from the comfort of your office, hotel or wherever you happen to be.
Even without the installation of video cameras, you can be notified by text or email when the alarm system is deactivated or activated. From wherever you are, you can know what is happening in your home, be it your children’s arrival with the sitter at three or weekly the cleaning lady’s visit.

Z-Wave Captivation

Your air conditioning and heating units, your lights and now even your front doors deadbolt can be linked into your control with Z-Wave technology and Pulse Interactive Services. With a push of a button on your computer or smart phone, you can deactivate your alarm system and your Kwikset Smartcode Z Wave deadbolt to allow sitters and young children or whomever you designate to enter.

This kind of control can only add to level of security because there will never be a need to hand out keys or security codes. The issue of security breaches and lost keys can become a thing of the past.

For further information regarding the best way to secure your Miami Florida home, contact us at (305) 424-9219 for Miami-Dade County or (954) 713-9411 for Fort Lauderdale-Broward County.

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