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Door Locks for Your Home and Additional Security

adt miami home lockHome security systems in Miami are of vital importance. Not only does the home safeguard precious possessions and personal space, but it also is what protects oneself and one’s family. Because of the major significance of the home, it is essential that individuals take the right precautions to ensure that the home is safe. Safety and protection can be achieved through a number of ways, but the simplest methods are through home security systems in Miami and by using the best types of security locks for doors. This article is going to explain what the ideal security locks are, along with providing an overview of home security systems.

Spring Latch Bolt Lock

Spring latch bolt locks are not very common locks for a residence, but they are still used nonetheless. These are by far the simplest way to lock the home, and as the name describes, the locking mechanism is a simple latch that is set on the door with screws. Once the door is fully closed, the latch extends and keeps the door shut. If one is not serious about protecting their possessions, this lock is cheap and simple way to lock an area.


Deadbolt locks are the most common type of lock, and is typically the kind of lock that is used in nearly all American homes. The advantage of these types of locks is that while there are many simple versions, there are also more intricate and tougher variations available. For example, one can purchase either a single cylinder or a double cylinder deadbolt lock. The difference between the two is that if an intruder breaks into the home, the single cylinder can be easily opened from the inside due to the simple turning of the thumb-turn. The double cylinder, on the other hand, requires a key for both the inside and outside of the home.

Rim/Mortise Locks

Rim or Mortise locks are much more heavy duty than deadbolt locks. While they are not usually found on many residential properties, they can nonetheless be installed, should the owner wish. The Mortise lock’s operation is strong and simple. The lock features a long metal piece that is placed through the door and into a locking mechanism. The lock is strongly latched to the door so intruders cannot penetrate the lock and subsequently break it. The greatest aspect of these locks is that there are a number of options for cylinder size and length, which offers a greater level of protection.

The Best Lock

Among the options listed above, the ideal lock is a double cylinder deadbolt lock. This lock with keep the residence protected from both the inside and the outside. For example, should an intruder manage to enter the property, they will find it impossible to open the front door from the inside because a key will be required. Depending on one’s budget, there are types of double cylinder deadbolt locks that can be chosen.

Using a lock to protect one’s home does not need to be the end all of one’s home protection system. There are also other methods that one can employ to ensure superior protection, such as adding door hinges to the door to supplement the lock. Furthermore, in addition to home security systems in Miami, such as locks and hinges, one can also install an alarm system.

The best types of exposed hinges for one’s residential property that couple well with a strong deadbolt lock are those that have non-removable hinge pins. If the home is broken into, then an intruder’s next step would be to unsecure the hinges in order to open the door from the inside. With exposed hinges, homeowners can provide themselves and their property with added protection.

ADT Security

According to sources that measure non-violent crime such as theft and burglaries, such occurrences are on the rise in Miami. A higher crime rate makes it even more necessary to take a number of precautions to protect ones property. ADT Security Miami can provide homeowners not only with optimal advice regarding home security, but they also can offer homeowners excellent home security systems.

There are a number of benefits to using a deadbolt lock, non-removable hinges, and systems such as ADT Security Miami. Not only will one be and feel much safer as a homeowner, but there will be no extra worry that the home is not protected. While one is away, the home can be safely closed and guarded by the excellent security mechanisms described in this article. Because the home and what it contains is so precious, it must be protected by the best standards available.

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