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Advice for Children about Family Safety

Protecting your family with home security systemFamilies are protected with a home security system from ADT Miami. However, the equipment will only provide alerts about the intruders who have burglarized homes. The homeowners must assume a responsibility for not attracting thieves and for informing children about the dangers from a burglary. Children may want playmates to come to their home for a game of basketball or to play video games. However, friends are a source of risks because children may not know about methods for concealing information about personal possessions.

Children may choose to make themselves more popular by talking about the new deck that their father built with power tools or about the beauty of their mother in her expensive jewelry. The information about personal possessions should be protected because thieves will cruise through neighborhoods and look for open windows and doors such as patio and garage doors. The thieves will enter through an open garage door and steal tools from a workbench while the homeowner is mowing the backyard.

Electronic Devices
A burglar will break a window and enter a home to steal video games, televisions, computers and stereo systems. Therefore, children should be advised about not speaking to anyone about the food processor in the kitchen and the exercise equipment in the basement. Thieves can easily carry printers, calculators, cameras, bread machines, blenders, mixers and toaster ovens. The information about new purchases should be protected because a thief could enter a home, steal a newly purchased microwave oven with the receipt and then return the stolen microwave oven to the store for a refund.

Weapons and Jewelry
Thieves can easily sell stolen weapons, jewelry, antiques and family heirlooms, which cannot be replaced. Therefore, parents should protect themselves and their children by speaking with their children about the potential threats from strangers. The family members will be very frightened after a burglary but will have protection from the features of a Miami ADT home security system.

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