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7 Fundamentals of a Safe Home Security Plan

adt miami alarm systemsMany families take safety measures for fires and natural disasters, but they sometimes forget about home security. A burglary is a catastrophe just like any other, and homeowners must take measures to prevent it and avoid harm if it does occur. Your home security strategy must be customized for your house and the number of family members, but there are some fundamental points that should be part of every plan.

Secure Home Layout

Home security should begin right at your property line. Some landscaping features make the burglar’s job easier and should be eliminated. There should not be bushes or trees that allow criminals to approach your home unnoticed. A line of shrubs planted along a fence is the most common instance of this mistake. The perimeter of the house itself must be examined as well. Any dark areas should be lit up, especially if there is a door or window nearby.

Upgraded Doors

Most ADT South Florida security specialists can tell you that reinforced doors are a must. The average residential door can be kicked in quite easily by a person of average strength. That’s why you should have metal door jambs and strike plates installed on all of your outside doors. They should be securely bolted into the studs, not simply nailed on. Also consider upgrading your deadbolt. One locking lug may be fairly secure, but a door with three lugs will be virtually impossible to break down with ordinary human strength.

Window Protection

Smashing through a glass window continues to be a popular mode of entry for burglars. This is why every home should have some type of protection on the windows. Window bars are a good way to prevent anyone from climbing through. Some of them even come with a quick release system that allows you to remove the bars from the inside in case of a fire. If you don’t like the appearance of window bars, you can have a protective film installed on the glass. This will make it much more difficult for a thief to break through the window.

Alarm System

Criminals will have a very hard time outsmarting a computerized alarm system. A Miami ADT home security company can show you many models to choose from based on the size and layout of your home. Make sure that the alarm has motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door alarms. It should also be connected to the company’s security hub so that the operators can notify law enforcement if your alarm is set off. Many alarm systems include window decals or yard signs with the security company’s name, which will sometimes scare off criminals before they even set foot on your property.

Not Giving Crooks a Hand

Sometimes, a small mistake on the homeowner’s part can undermine the best security measures. Such a mistake could be forgetting to activate the alarm system, leaving doors unlocked, or neglecting to secure the windows. Leaving a spare key outside is one of the worst mistakes. Some people think that their key is safe when it is hidden in a fake rock, decoy sprinkler head, or under a flower pot, but these are the first places criminals look.

Safe Room

Occasionally, a burglar may gain entry in spite of the previous measures. If this happens, you and your family need to have a designated safe room where you can stay until law enforcement arrives. It should have a reinforced door with extra deadbolts. Keep a fully-charged cell phone in this room as well so that you can call the police even if the criminal has cut the landline.

Escape Plan

In the worst case scenario, it is necessary to have an escape plan. The objective should be to exit the home and regroup at a trusted neighbor’s house. Obviously, where everyone is at the time of the break-in will determine what plan should be used. Come up with different escape plans for upstairs and downstairs. Rehearse the plans a few times a year to ensure that you and your family will be able to escape quickly and safely in the event of a break-in.

Developing a sound security plan requires attention to the details of your individual situation. But whether you live in a tiny apartment or a spacious mansion, your security plan should include these measures. They make it difficult for burglars to gain entry while enabling you and your family to stay safe in case they do.

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