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Four Home Maintenance Tasks that Improve Home Security

lush green lawnEvery homeowner is familiar with the seemingly endless list of tasks necessary for keeping the house in good condition. They often forget about security when these jobs pile up, but there are many things you can do to improve your home and bolster security at the same time. Make some time for these jobs that will maintain your home as well as ward off thieves.

Doing Yardwork

It might sound implausible, but a thief will be greatly assisted if your lawn is messy and unkempt. This is because they can easily hide behind overgrown bushes as they sneak up to your house and attempt to enter, especially if there are bushes directly under a window. An overgrown lawn also suggests that nobody is home or that the homeowners simply don’t pay attention to the condition of their property. Avoid giving burglars this signal by keeping your grass, shrubs, and trees neatly trimmed at all times.

Inspecting and Fixing Doors

The simplest way for a burglar to enter the home is through a door, and this is particularly easy if the door and frame are weakened through decades of use. Locks wear out over time as well. If you notice excessive wear and tear on any component of your door, have it repaired immediately. Ideally, doors should be made of solid wood or steel. Purchase strike plates that are attached to the frame with several thick screws. While you’re at it, change the locks just in case any crooks have gotten ahold of some lost house keys.

Upgrading Your Security System

Just like all home appliances, security systems are being improved all the time. Homeowners should periodically look through the offerings of a Miami ADT home security store in case something better is available. This will ensure that you have the latest functions on your system and that any security loopholes have been closed off.

Closing Off Unnecessary Points of Entry

Homeowners may take steps to secure the doors and first floor windows, but they sometimes forget about other entry points like the crawl space windows. It’s unusual, but burglars sometimes break into the crawl space through a window, navigate their way to the access hatch, and come up into the house. They can then steal whatever they want and let themselves out through the door. Boarding up the crawl space windows will keep out thieves as well as smaller household pests.

It’s easy to maintain the good condition of your home and foil the efforts of burglars simultaneously. Just take care of the yard, repair your doors, have a good alarm system put in by an ADT Miami contractor, and eliminate unnecessary openings to the home. Doing so will make your home beautiful, comfortable, and secure.

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