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How You Can Improve Your Home Security in Four Minutes

ADT Miami security before workTime constraints stop many homeowners from taking security precautions. While it’s understandable that not everyone has a great deal of free time, it’s also important to realize that securing the home can be broken down into some quick tasks. If you’re short on time, take these steps every day to ward off burglars.

Turn On the Porch Lights at Night

Naturally, thieves don’t like to be seen as they go about their work. The most incriminating moment is when they are picking at a lock or kicking in a door. Shed some light on their activities by turning on the lights around your doorways every night. Burglars will find your home to be an unappealing target if they see that they can’t gain entry without being highly conspicuous to any bystanders.

Activate Your Alarm System

An automated alarm system will do wonders for the security of your home as long as you turn it on. Most systems have user-friendly interfaces that control the status. These panels make it quick and easy to activate and deactivate the alarm. Remember to turn it on whenever you leave the house even if it’s only for a few minutes. You can also have a Miami ADT home security company connect the security system to your smart phone. With this connection, you’ll be able to turn the alarm on and off from your phone wherever you are!

Take a Look Around

Thieves sometimes “camp out” in a hiding spot near your house so that they can spring into action as soon as you leave or go to sleep. In the past, homeowners have caught sight of criminals staking out their homes. This usually sends the crooks running since the homeowner is now aware of their presence. Taking a quick look around your property every night may very well scare off any thieves who are watching from afar. In addition, an ADT Miami security firm can install some CCTV cameras to give you a superior vantage point.

Lock Up the House

It might surprise you how many burglaries are only possible because homeowners forget to lock up their homes. Always be sure that your windows and doors are locked before you leave the house or go to sleep. This is especially important if you have kids in the house who may not understand the importance of locking the door when they come inside.

Work and family obligations often make it hard to focus on things like home security. These steps demonstrate that you don’t have to give up the better portion of your free time to secure the house. Taking a few quick precautions like these will send burglars searching for an easier target.

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