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Five Things the Most Secure Homeowners Do to Protect Their Homes from Burglary

ADT Miami security before workHome security is not dependent on one device or pattern of behavior. It is a state of mind that must be practiced at all times. Wise homeowners always make security an ongoing habit to protect themselves. Take up these habits if you want to make the burglar’s job as difficult as possible!

Understand the Criminals’ Methodology

Criminals depend on the element of surprise. You can deprive them of this advantage by knowing how they typically operate and when you are most vulnerable. For example, burglars have been known to break in when the homeowner is in the shower because they cannot see or hear what is going on in the rest of the house. Being aware of practices like this enables you to take steps to counteract them with extra vigilance. There are many studies carried out by criminologists that reveal trends in burglary methods; this information is of great utility to a homeowner trying to burglar-proof their home.

Test the Alarm System

Everyone knows that smoke detectors must be tested regularly, and the same rule applies for home security devices. Motion lights are easy to test; just walk in front of them and make sure that they turn on quickly. Window sensors should also be tested, but make sure to tell your neighbors so that they don’t mistakenly think that your home is being robbed. If your alarm system is connected to a monitoring center, call a representative from your local Miami ADT home security company to test it for you. They will be able to contact the company’s monitoring center to notify them that the system is being tested.

Notify the Police When Leaving for Extended Periods

Even if you have a sophisticated alarm system installed by an ADT Miami security technician, it doesn’t hurt to have some human eyes looking over your home once in a while. If you give word to your local police before you leave the house for more than a week or so, they will send an officer to look around the property once in a while. The sight of police officers periodically showing up will scare away any criminals who are casing your home, and this also enables them to start investigating a burglary as soon as possible if it occurs.

Look at Your Home from the Burglar’s Point of View

Take a look around your home, and think about how you would get in if you were a burglar. Take note of any weak points such as gaps in the fence, shaggy shrubs that provide concealment, or a window that gives pedestrians a good view of your valuables. Consider which of your windows is the most visible, and put a security company decal on it to deter any thieves before they even get near your house.

Join the Neighborhood Watch

If your area has a neighborhood watch program, you can improve security not just for your home but for the entire neighborhood by joining. Neighborhood watch volunteers make it their duty to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the area. Burglars rely on blending in and looking like someone just going about their business, but this will be much harder if neighbors all know and look out for each other.

Securing your home is a continuous process that requires regular attention. Remember that many factors affecting your home security such as technology, criminal methods, and crime rates change on a regular basis. You can add many layers of security to your home by taking up these habits.

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