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Four Major Cybersecurity Safety Tips For Your Home

home-secuirty-wirelessYou do not have to be a cybersecurity expert to make your home network more secure. The first step in securing your home Internet connection and the wireless router connected to it is to understand how the threats get in. Here are four home network security threats you can do something about.

Install Antivirus Software

New operating systems are tightened up to help prevent viruses, trojans and malware from getting through, but an antivirus suite of programs, especially on laptop and desktop computers, is a big help. Choose software designed and maintained by an American company. Most of the major computer virus threats come out of China and Russia, and there are so-called “free” antivirus programs that originate from the same countries.

Secure Your Wireless Router

Set up a long and difficult-to-guess password to log onto the wireless network. Do not use permutations of your family name, address, phone number, pet names or other easy-to-guess options. Shut off broadcasting the SSID. Type it in manually on any new device being connected for the first time. Disable the button on the router that allows anyone to access the Wi-Fi by pressing it.

Secure Your Wireless Devices

Put a password on every smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Even game consoles that have the password feature should have it enabled. Change the passwords periodically. Every six months is good, but every three months is even better.

Install a Home Security System

Nothing beats a wireless digital home security system like a Miami ADT home security system to add to home network security protection. Keeping the devices from being stolen is a big step in keeping the home Internet connection secure. A stolen device may give a thief access to your bank accounts, daily schedules and all of your social media accounts. ADT Miami can install a home security system with video surveillance to deter and identify criminals.

Though strong passwords are a big step in protecting your home Wi-Fi, another big step is thinking before you click and training kids on the network to do the same. Do not visit questionable websites. Do not click on any email attachment unless you know who sent it and, more importantly, were expecting to receive an email with an attachment. This trick is still the on ramp to the super highway of viral and malware intrusion. Remember, lock it up, lock it down, and keep an eye on it.

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