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Four Tried-and-true Tips to Revamp Your Home Security for 2015

adt-miamiMaking a plan for any emergency is not a one-time task. It requires constant updating and retooling for maximum effectiveness. This is particularly important for home security. Go through these steps to keep your home security plan in top shape as 2015 draws near.

Refurbish Your Doors

Even if you have the best locks on your doors, it’s possible for a set of keys to get lost or stolen. Have a locksmith rekey the doors so that any criminal with an ill-gotten set of keys will be out of luck. The door and frame also require attention. If they have been damaged by moisture or excessive wear, call a carpenter to replace them. Doors in poor shape will not do much to keep burglars out!

Take Advantage of New Security Technology

Miami ADT home security companies are always developing new devices, and having the latest technology in your home will improve the chances of deterring thieves or catching them in the act. The trend of home automation is especially promising. Home automation allows you to control the lights and door locks from your smart phone. You can even view the live feed from security cameras! Look through your local security company’s offerings to see if anything new is available.

Trim the Plants

It’s easy to overlook a severely overgrown bush even if you see it on a daily basis. Aside from making your yard look neglected, overgrown shrubbery could give burglars the hiding place they need. Pay close attention to any bushes underneath windows. If they are providing concealment, trim them right away. If you notice a tree branch that is close to an upstairs window or a balcony, cut it off so that thieves can’t use it as a point of entry.

Touch Base With Neighbors

When nobody in a neighborhood knows each other, burglars have an easy time searching for targets and breaking in. However, if residents are in close contact on a regular basis, they’ll know that something is wrong when they see an unfamiliar person on their neighbor’s property. This is why every security-minded homeowner should get to know their neighbors and discuss any suspicious activity in the area. Burglars hate witnesses, so a concerned neighbor staring at them as they prowl around your property is a big deterrent!

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to overhaul your home security strategy. You could start by fixing up your doors, purchasing new security devices from an ADT Miami security firm, keeping your plants trimmed, and staying in contact with your neighbors. These are all easy steps that could spare you a catastrophe in the future.

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